Under this category, I include

  • Corporate brochures

  • Product brochures

  • Catalogues

  • Magazines

and other publications usually originating in an organisation’s Marketing Department,

The work we undertake normally includes

  • a choice of design concepts to suit the purpose of the brochure

  • layout and proofing

  • advice in regard to appropriate materials and binding options

  • printing and binding of the brochures

  • delivery or distribution of the brochures per the client’s database.

However, up to 50% of the jobs we do in a year are designed by the client in-house or come to us as finished art from a Graphic Design agency. In those cases, we liaise with the designers to ensure a smooth and accurate transfer of the print files and a timely delivery of the brochures.


When we asked our clients why they continued to work with us over the years, many mentioned the word consistency. That’s consistency of communication, consistency of pricing, and a consistency of on-time delivery.

We can achieve this by working with a panel of specialist suppliers, each of which is the best in their niche.

I can confidently recommend Arrow Print Management as print managers; for their service, value – and for their consistency in meeting their promises.

Brendan Donlon

Director, Design Tactics