Books and Journals

Under this category, you find

  • Research publications

  • Academic journals

  • Prospectuses

  • Local history books

and other works of non-fiction that are being self-published by universities, societies, and Government bodies.

The work we undertake normally includes

  • design, layout and proofing of text, tables, figures and plates

  • cover design

  • advice in regard to appropriate materials and binding options

  • printing and binding of the books (including casebound and paperback)

  • delivery or distribution of the books per the client’s database.

Other work we manage

As print managers, we sometimes get asked to manage a book project from start to finish. These additional responsibilities include

  • styling and photography
  • translation
  • copy writing and editing
  • advertising and promotion

These services are available through trusted partners – and so we are happy to include them in our offering.


Book production requires experience and an eye for detail. Typically, the manuscript comes to us as a Microsoft Word file. But it must be imported to Adobe InDesign before we can begin the layout. Much of the formatting belonging to the Word file gets left behind during the transfer and it takes a keen eye and robust inspection procedures to ensure the integrity of the content is maintained.

At Arrow Print Management, we have developed special procedures to compare proofs against the original manuscripts before they go out to our client. This makes for a safe and efficient process while still delivering the publication in good time.

We had never published a book before and Arrow Print Management were fantastically helpful in every respect. They created a wonderful book on budget and on time, were a delight to deal with and were incredibly patient with me as I got to grips with how to create a book. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Tim Rowland

Future Trees Trust