Brochures and Catalogues in the Digital Age

Printed brochures and catalogues allow for what psychologists call ‘deep reading’. When it comes to making an important decision, people like to sit back quietly and think it through. A printed brochure delivers your message right into your customer’s hands.

And if you’ve gone to the trouble of putting together a richly textured piece of communication, it will pay off in terms of enhancing your brand and retaining your customer’s attention for longer. Long enough to make a purchasing decision.

See me, Feel me!

Print is organic as well as dynamic. There are many ways of adding to the sensory experience of the printed medium – be it a brochure, catalogue or flyer. Paper can be made to change colour when heated or put in front of a light. It can feel rough as sand or smooth as silk.

“When brands appeal to three or more senses, advertising effectiveness increases by 70%.” (Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense and Buyology).

That’s commerce, not philosophy. And it makes more sense than ever in this digital age.


Touch me, Breathe me!

Smell is the most evocative sense of all. Did you know that scent can be added to printed matter to suggest all kinds of
sensory memories and enhance the experience further? The smell of a new car? The rose garden that unforgettable summer evening? Smells trigger emotions in a way that no other sense does.

It doesn’t even stop there. There are papers you can eat – rice paper for example. You can even listen to paper if a chip is inserted.

Cross sell, Up sell

Okay, so you’ve got a customer who bought a bag of nails. Now you want to tell him that you supply insulation and reinforced concrete slabs. Print allows you to present the full range of your products and services to best effect and at your customer’s leisure.

And that’s not all. Modern print technology also gives you the ability to link each page directly to online resources, creating the opportunity for direct sales, enquiries or other actions.

personalised brochures

Brochures – make it personal!

Just a few short years ago if you’d said “I’m only doing a small print run, but I want to personalise my brochures for different clients”, you’d have been told “We can do it, but it’ll be expensive”.

Well guess what?

New print technology can solve that problem. We can personalise your print run, big or small, to focus on a particular group – or even an individual reader.

And at a price that won’t break the bank.

Try before you buy – it’s here!

Back in the day, you roughed up your catalogue or brochure, and hoped everybody understood exactly what you were proposing to do. Then you brought back the first print, fresh off the press, and the CEO uttered the immortal words –

‘Sure that’s not what I had in mind at all.’

What are you going to do with the 3,000 copies sitting in the van!!?

Well, that’s a thing of the past now. Improved digital print technology allows you to make a prototype – an exact facsimile of your brochure – before starting the print run. The CEO – or anyone else for that matter – will have no excuses. What you see is what you get. No more expensive mistakes!


Ink on paper in the Digital age

At Arrow Print Management, we pride ourselves on being expert in all aspects of print, and ahead of the curve on new technology.
For instance, we can implant a QR (Quick Response) marker in any page of your catalogue or brochure to link directly to digital media. You only need to scan it with a smartphone to either open a file or link your customer to your webpage.

AR (Augmented Reality) technology can also be used to implant hidden content behind marker images in printed material. Again,
you only need a mobile app to add whole new dimensions to the tangible print experience.

Augmented Reality

Or why not do what IKEA did and have some fun by combining a social media campaign with your printed catalogue!

We can even insert a small screen (90mm wide and just 3mm thick) into a brochure or catalogue and present HD video and audio to your customers. It’s called VIP (Video In Print) and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Whatever the print question, Arrow Print Management knows the answer. And we’ll save you the time and money by micro-managing every aspect of your print project. From design and production, through to the prototype and final print run.

Arrow points the way!

I can confidently recommend Arrow Print Management as print managers; for their service, value – and for their consistency in meeting their promises.

Brendan Donlon

Director, Design Tactics