Large Format Printing

Under this category, I include

  • Point Of Sale displays

  • In Store graphics

  • Trade Show graphics

  • Banners (including canvas, mesh and pull up)

and other marketing materials printed on a variety of materials including PVC, e-Flute and Dibond.

The work we undertake normally includes

  • design and proofing

  • advice in regard to appropriate materials and installation

  • printing and finishing

  • delivery or distribution per the client’s database.

However, many of the jobs we do are designed by the client in-house or come to us as finished art from a Graphic Design agency. In those cases, we liaise with the client and designers to ensure a smooth and accurate transfer of the print files, consistent print quality and an on-time delivery.

Reduce the risk of errors

Many retailers offer suppliers the opportunity to advertise in-store. Working on behalf of the retailer, we can prepare finished art for approval by an advertiser (Brand Manager) or take in files from their graphic design agency. We ensure a consistency of printed product and an on-time delivery to all partaking stores. This saves time for the retailer and will reduce the risk of errors where several parties are involved in a promotion.