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Book Covers


Case bound (Hard back) books

Do you judge a book by its cover? Well, if you’re like most people then you do. The first job of any cover is to entice the viewer to pick it up. Then it has to project an impression, in terms of graphics and feel, as to the qualities of the book. And finally it has to be robust enough to protect the inside pages from damage throughout the lifetime of the publication.

So what options does the designer have when choosing a cover?




Book Binding


Book Binding

Another key decision to be made by the brochure of book designer is the choice of book binding. Will the book need to lie flat when opened on a desk? Will it need a printed spine to display it properly on a book shelf? Or is there a need to allow for extra pages to be added to the publication at some future date?

Have a look at this selection of binding options and decide what is best for your publication.


Digital meets Print!

Here is a great example of how mixing or combining different media can make for an awesome marketing campaign. See how Ikea combined their printed catalogue with a social media campaign to create excitement.